Respect for intellectual property

We respect ownership of intellectual property rights (IP): your IP remains yours; ours remains ours. What we create together during the event will be our joint IP (yours and ours). In such case we commit together to a 3 months exclusivity period to negotiate a potential agreement, such as a JDA. This period can be extended if partners enter into a JDA development trajectory. If one of the partners indicates within the 3 months period that it has no interest to negotiate further, the shared IP will be allocated to the other party. If neither party indicates that it has an interest to negotiate further, the shared IP will become available for both parties to use freely.

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“I want to thank you for the professional manner in which this event was conducted and how IP was handled. My organization warned me that some of these kinds of events are just "idea mining," and that I needed to be very cautious going into this. I was pleased that this was not the case with Nouryon.” - Mark Mascal, University of California


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